Benefits of Tapping

tapping isn’t just for the feet!

At one point or another I more than likely guided you to “tap” your chest. Tapping, is an emotional version of acupuncture. Instead of using needles we stimulate well established energy meridian points on our bodies by tapping on them with our fingertips or fists.

By tapping we stimulate the thymus to produce T-cells which are the primary immune fighting factors. The vibrating draws blood and energy into the thymus to help nourish it. In addition, the vibrations will also massage the lungs, heart, bronchial tubes, and throat. Below are some other key points to tap.

Try this!

This process consists of tapping on three different meridian points to restore you when you are tired and will increase your vitality while helping to keep your immune system strong. Use this process anytime you feel in need of a pick-me-up.

1) Collar Bone
Benefits of tapping Collar Bone points:
•  Become energized and feel more alert if you feel drowsy
•  Focus and perform more effectively if you are having difficulty concentrating

Make fists and tap both right and left collar bones at the same time for about 20 seconds. Be sure to breathe deeply in and out.

Variation: in order to assist the energy to cross over from right to left and left to right cross your arms and tap the left collar bone with the right fist and the right collar bone with the left fist.

2) Thymus Gland
Benefits of tapping the Thymus Gland
•  Stimulate your energy system
•  Boost your immune system
•  Increase your strength and vitality

Make a fist and tap on the center of your sternum (center of chest on breast bone) for about 20 seconds while breathing deeply in and out.

3) Spleen Points
Benefits of tapping Spleen Points
•  Lift your energy level
•  Balance your blood chemistry
•  Strengthen your immune system

These points are located directly below the breast. Make fists and tap each side of your body for about 20 seconds while breathing deeply in and out.

Variation: Cross your arms and tap the left side of your body with your right fist, and tap the right side of your body with the left fist. This helps cross the energies.


Other key points to tap:



First, tap alternately on the left and right sides of your jaw. The muscles of the jaw are extremely strong and highly susceptible to stress and emotions, so they are tense a great deal of the time. If you feel that your jaw wants to move while you are tapping, open your mouth and try relaxing those muscles. It feels very good to yawn while you are tapping your jaw.



Next, tap your cheeks. Enjoy the feeling of tapping here so that you can bring back your bright smile.



Next, tap your temples. This is a wide area and contains numerous acupressure points that are effective for relieving conditions such as tired eyes, headache, and neuralgia. While tapping across this entire area, find the points that feel the best to you and spend more time on them.



Now tap your forehead. Tap just above the middle of your eyebrows on both the right and left sides. This acupressure point is used to promote health of the head, eyes, and face.


After tapping your temples and forehead for a while, you can begin tapping anywhere you like on your head. This feels rather like the percussive scalp massage that you may have received from a barber or beautician. It is beneficial for circulating Ki (Life) energy, and will leave you feeling refreshed



Next, tap from the back of your head downwards to your hairline. Tapping at the hairline encourages blood flow to the head and relieves eye fatigue and mental tiredness.


Move gradually down, and tap your neck and shoulders. The neck and shoulders are often tight, so use tapping to allow them to relax.



Now tap in the hollows below your collarbone on each side of your chest. After that, tap across your entire chest.



Move the gentle tapping gradually down from your chest to your lower abdomen. Tap your entire abdomen gently, remembering that the tapping should be light and pleasant.



When you are done tapping, rest both hands quietly on your lower abdomen. It is beneficial to sit for a while, enjoying your calm mind and relaxed body. Finish by gently rubbing your hands in a circle on your abdomen.


2 Responses to Benefits of Tapping

  1. bafbreast says:

    I am much obliged to you!
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  2. Shaun says:

    I have been tapping for a few days and I like it so far. I don’t know how much of a difference I feel, but I know that others have noted a difference in my appearance (glowing skin) and energy levels (spiritual and physical). I will continue doing this and allow my body to do what it needs to do to live its best life :-)

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