Yoga makes me feel icky :(

Does Yoga sometimes make you feel icky?
This particular topic came to mind when a practitioner asked me if i might know why she feels nauseous during certain postures, and my first thought and inquiry was to ask if she had low blood pressure in which the answer was no.  So then I decided to Google it and below are a few links that I came across.  There are times when yoga may make us feel nauseous or dizzy, why does this happen and what can we do about it?
  • Annette Rivlin-Gutman of the Seattle Yoga Examiner says: ‘Nausea during yoga may be a sign that your body needs food or water or both. New yoga practitioners usually experience this sick feeling because they are not aware that yoga is a strenuous activity. To ward off nausea, eat a light snack and drink a large glass of water about an hour before class. After class, eat some protein and drink some more liquids.’ <more>
  • A on YogaWhiz says: ‘A common cause for dizziness during the practice of yoga is due to the solar plexus being locked from emotional holding patterns and stress. A common reason for nausea after yoga or before the practice is that it is a sign of a toxic or overtaxed liver or gall bladder, and it is also a sign that the process of detoxing has started.’ <more>
  • Marguerite Ogle, Guide says: ‘People who are engaged in more moderate exercise sometimes find that exercise is making them feel sick. It could be a problem that needs medical attention, but there are some other easily addressed causes of nausea/dizziness.’ <more>
Whichever of the articles have information that resonates with you, they all have the underlying message which is to honor each and every day, every moment and every experience as unique.  What you did one day may not necessarily be the same the next.  Take it easy, drink plenty of fluids to enhance detox and try to avoid eating within approximately 2 hours of class.  Nausea is typically a sign to change something, experiment with what that something could be.
Be well, practice often and listen to your body.

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