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Hiking Fieldtrips

2014/15/16 Schedule

Date & Time Location Distance/Time
November 30, 2014 Stoney Hill, Genoa Bay 3 hrs Round
December 28, 2014 Bings Creek Loop, Duncan 1.5 hrs Round
January 25, 2015 Cowichan Bay/River Estuary, Cow Bay 1.5 hrs Round
February 22, 2015 Khenipson Rd to Genoa Bay Café & Brunch 4 hrs Round
March 29, 2015 Trans Canada Trail, Shawnigan Lake 2.5 hrs – 1 Way
April 26, 2015 Mt. Baldy, Shawnigan Lake 3.5 hrs Round
May, 2015 Mt. Provost, Duncan 4 hrs Round
June, 2015 Mt. Tzouhalem 2.5 hrs Round
July, 2015 Goldstream Trestle 1.5 hrs Round
August, 2015 Kinsol Trestle Bypass via Burnt Bridge 2.5 hrs Round
September, 2015 Mount Finlayson, Goldstream 4 hrs Round
October, 2015 Maple Mountain, Maple Bay 1.5 hrs Round
November, 2015 Rat Lake, Mill Bay 1.5 hrs Round
December, 2015 Haul Road, Cobble Hill 2 hrs Round
January, 2016 Mt. Wood, Shawnigan Lake 1.5 hrs Round
February, 2016 Silvermine Trail to Kingburne Viewpoint 1.5 hrs Round
March, 2016 Maple Mountain, Maple Bay 1.5 hrs Round
April, 2016 Old Growth Forest, Shawnigan Lake 2 hrs Round
May, 2016 Spectacle Lake to Oliphant Lake 2 hrs Round
June, 2016 Kingburne Park, Cobble Hill 1.5 hrs Round
July, 2016 Cowichan River Footpath 2.5 hrs Round
August, 2016 Chemanius Lake, Chemanius 1.5 hrs Round

Meeting time is always 8:00am (unless otherwise advised)

Be sure to email me and let us know you are coming!

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October’s Fieldtrip

It’s officially Fall and we are heading out on one of our fieldtrips this Sunday, October 26th!

We are heading out to Chemanius Lake which may be new to some of you.  If so, the directions are: Northbound on Highway 1, after the turnoff for Chemainus look for the MacMillan Bloedell Main. There is a traffic light there. You can turn left and follow the gravel road to the trail (it’s not far, just on the other side of the stop sign), but if you go past the light on the highway and turn at the left turn lane at the very next road, River Road (no light), you will be able to drive on a paved road. The lake is on the right, about 3 minutes up the road. There is a parking lot.  Allow approximately 30 minutes from Shawnigan Lake.

Due to the travel time involved let’s meet a little bit later at 8:30am

 As per usual bring the usual provisions such as small snacks to share, cup to cheer, camera and happy attitude!  This particular route is of a beginner level with a few ups and downs but nothing too steep.  It may be a bit muddy due to the rain…. Speaking of which, dress for rain!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all and if you have any questions please feel free to email me back….

Until then,

Captain Tailfeather