Take A Hike!


New class on the horizon! Thursdays @ Moondance

We are excited to announce our new Yoga with Bands class!

This class offers basic yoga asanas with the option of added muscle strengthening through the use of resistance bands.  Resistance bands are a popular item used in a variety of exercise modalities as a way to strengthen the muscles in a safe but efficient way while reducing the risk of injury.

In our Yoga with Bands class we will pay special attention to postural alignment while focusing on muscle mobility and strength.  During the hour we will do a gentle warmup and explore our postures intimately with the option to add the resistance or do without – it’s your class and your choice.  We then will follow with a cool down and meditation.

Starting September 3rd on Wednesdays @ Moondance at 5:00pm to 6:00pm, come on out!

*we do have extra bands but we encourage you to bring your own bands if you have them

For more information email robin@theomtree.com

August’s Hiking Fieldtrip

This Sunday, August 31st is our ‘Hiking Fieldtrip’.  We are heading out to Kingburne Park for this one – this isn’t a huge hike but with the dangers lurking in the Cowichan River these days switching up locations to get in our last swim for the summer is a must!  And perhaps Derinda can show us her walking loop OR we can just swim longer than usual!

We will meet at 8:00am at the trailhead on Gray Lane (see http://www.cvrd.bc.ca/index.aspx?NID=175 for directions)

What to bring?

. swimsuit and towel definitely….  perhaps even goggles and watershoes!

. snackies to share

. cup to cheer

. napkins, plate, mishmash of whatever picnic type of items you are comfortable carrying


I’m looking forward to this one as it’s one of my favorite places to go in the valley for peaceful serenity.

Of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask away.  See you soon and have a fabulous weekend!

Cap’n Tailfeather